Ola Tjornbo

Photograph of Ola Tjornbo

Ola is a researcher, writer, educator and systems thinker.

He has worked in the field of social innovation, complex systems, social media and governance for eight years; both as a McConnell research fellow at the Waterloo Institute for Social Innovation and Resilience and while completing his PhD in Global Governance at the Balsillie School of International Affairs (SiG).

Ola has been a senior researcher, consultant, evaluator, program designer and instructor for numerous organizations including the Rockefeller Foundation, McConnell Foundation and University of Waterloo.

He has also published several papers that translate social innovation theory into recommendations for organizations working with complex problems on topics including leadership, policy and social media tools.

Clara Bird

Photograph of Clara Bird

Clara is an experienced developmental evaluator, project coordinator and writer/editor who has worked with organizations including the University of Waterloo, Tamarack and Musagetes.

Clara specializes in helping organizations understand and communicate the development and impacts of their own projects especially in highly complex contexts.

She received her training at Stockholm University and wrote her master’s thesis on the role of artists and artistic practice in helping bring about change in ecosystem management regimes.

She has continued to pursue this interest throughout her work, and believes in using creative and artistic practice in decision-making, program design and communications.