Research, Evaluation, Training
and Systems Thinking

Tackling complex challenges & encouraging broader systems change.

An increasingly complex world and its seemingly intractable problems demand new and innovative approaches. What worked before, often based on the application of top-down expertise and authority, no longer provides answers to the problems we face.

To cope with this environment, organizations are recognizing the need to engage in new ways with the systems they operate in. We believe that systems thinking, social innovation and other theories can provide new tools for framing and understanding complex challenges, particularly when matched with thoughtful and responsive inquiry and intervention.

We offer a number of ways to use these tools:

  • Research to help organizations better understand the system they operate in and strategically plan ahead.
  • Evaluation to allow organizations to capture learning in real time and to help refine programs in response to new information.
  • Training to assist organizations in developing the skills and capacities to use these tools independently.


  • Qualitative research and systems analysis to help map out complex systems and to support projects acting in such contexts.
  • Case studies, report writing and other tools like interview training for capturing learning, supporting sense-making and helping to develop capacity both internally and for the benefit of the sector as a whole.
  • Expertise in systems thinking, social innovation, resilience theory and qualitative methods.
  • A particular focus on how to apply these theories in the fields of social media, artistic practice, governance and evaluation.

  • Evaluation, developmental or site specific, to help guide and monitor the creation of new strategies and initiatives for tackling complex problems.
  • Training and consultation to help organizations to build deep inquiry and reflective practice into their culture.
  • Research management, supervision and training for staff involved in on-going research projects.
  • Staff training in social innovation, systems thinking, case study research and writing to improve organizational capacity to use social innovation tools in their work.